4411 Formation Guide - Tactics, Instructions & In-depth Gameplay Analysis
October 16, 2020

4411 Formation Guide

In this video we present you a guide for the 4411-1 formation. The 4411 formation is a well-balanced formation in defense and attack. Therefore it can be good basic starter formation for your first Weekend Leagues.

The video consists of two major parts: 
  • Part 1: formation, tactics, instructions and players in it
  • Part 2: in-depth gameplay analysis at which we explain how you can actually play with this formation in a game
Below you can find the timestamps for the video, so that you can get to the parts that you're most interested in.
Here is quick overview of the general tactic settings:

0:05 - Introduction
1:34 - Tactic & Instructions
7:45 - Player Recommendations
11:31 - Build-up Attack (In-depth Gameplay Analysis)
20:09 - Defense (In-depth Gameplay Analysis)
27:44 - Defense + Counter-Attack (In-depth Gameplay Analysis)
About the author:
Benjamin "TaZz" Drexler is creating FIFA tutorial videos since FIFA 12 and started to compete in tournaments at the same time. Among several weekly and monthly Top100 finishes in FUT Champions, he reached the Top8 at the Virtual Bundesliga in 2013/14 and finished in the Top8 in FIFA 17 at the first European Regional Qualifier Event in Paris.

Music from https://filmmusic.io 
"Future Logo Intro" by WinnieTheMoog (https://taigasoundprod.com
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Sebastian Tudorici

Great info and in depth explinations Tazz, thank you!

Can you please show us when possible other meta tactics? Ex. 4212, 4231, 352?

Benjamin Drexler

More formation guides are coming! :)


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