The Fake Shot or L1/LB + Croqueta Move from Fnatic Tekkz
October 24, 2020


In this article we are going to take a look at a very powerful skillmove combination that doesn't take too much practice to learn and is incredibly effective once you have the mechanics down! It is used frequently by non other than Fnatic Tekkz, a professional FIFA player and by many considered the best in the world!
The skill combo consists of first doing either a fake shot into stand or a L1/LB step and then right afterwards performing La Croqueta. Let's dive into the details!

How to do it

So as mentioned above there are two variations you can choose from
  • Fake shot + Croqueta
  • L1/LB Step + Croqueta
Let's take a look at the two variations of the first move of the skill combo
  • Fake shot into stand
    • PS4: Circle + X right afterwards or Square + X right afterwards
    • X1: B + A right afterwards or X + A right afterwards
    • Note that to perform a fake shot into stand you have to let go of the left stick completely and not give a directional input
  • L1/LB Step
    • PS4: Press L1 while letting go of the left stick
    • X1: Press LB while letting go of the left stick
Let's now talk about how to perform the second part, La Croqueta
  • PS4: L1 + Right stick to left/right (from players perspective)
  • X1: LB + Right stick to left/right (from players perspective)

So in order to perform the entire combination you have to chain both moves after each other. Focus on a clean execution and remember about the change of direction from the fake shot or the L1/LB step: The moves are designed so that after standing still you are always facing towards goal. So you can already prepare the correct input for the Croqueta in your head.

How to use it

Generally this skill move combination is extremely strong inside the box to bait a defender in and then punish him afterwards. By stopping and standing still for a second in such a dangerous spot you can make many opponents nervous and have them come at you to tackle the ball away. Exactly in that moment the La Croqueta comes in and you juke towards one side and are free on goal with a lot of momentum! But when to use the fake shot and when to use the L1/LB Step?

Fake shot + La Croqueta (scene #1 to #3)
I found that the combination with the fake shot is used best when you are receiving a pass. By doing the input while the pass is on its way you are able to perform the fake shot first touch! Afterwards you are standing right in front of the defender covering you and can follow up with the Croqueta.

Always try to go with your feeling to decide whether the Croqueta upwards or downwards is more effective. In scene #1 I saw that the defender had momentum downwards so I went around him the opposite direction.

You should also make sure that you're only going for this variation when your player is somewhat facing towards goal and receives a pass from the side. This makes the fake shot into stand a lot quicker and smoother. Just compare
  • Scene #2: Son is facing towards goal and receives pass from the side. Very fast and smooth execution of the combination.
  • Scene #3: Son is facing away from goal and needs to turn 180 degrees. Slow and awkward execution.

L1/LB Step + La Croqueta (scene #4 to #6)
When already in control of the ball and dribbling, I like the L1/LB Step better to stop and stand still quicker. It takes less time to chain both moves together and therefore it's harder to defend for the opponent.

This works especially well, if you are dribbling parallel to the opponents goal (scenes #4 and #5) after receiving a pass. If you can gain a little bit of distance towards the defender even better, since he won't be able to tackle you before you outmove him with the Croqueta.

Prime position to beat the last defender with L1/LB + La Croqueta.

To completely bust your opponent, combine this variation with other skill moves (scene #6)! If you do a heel to heel, Elastico or stepover before stopping, the defender will already be slightly out of position and trying to catch up. It's incredibly hard to defend the La Croqueta correctly in that position, so enjoy scoring some beautiful goals!

Spots where it doesn't work

There are two main types of situations where this skill combination isn't as effective and can be defended:
  • defender is already very close and can tackle the ball away before the Croqueta (scene #7)
  • your player needs to turn more than 90 degrees to come to a stand facing goal (scenes #8 and #9) --> move is clunky and it takes too long before you can use La Croqueta
Defender is doing a good job staying very close and can tackle the ball away early.

So try to avoid these two situations and will have an extremely strong tool in your hands to break through the last defender in your way to score a lot of goals!
About the author:
Georg "CruZzAve" Raffelt is creating educational FIFA content since FIFA 13 around which time he also started his competitive journey in the game. He was able to qualify for the Grand Final of the German National Championship 'Virtuelle Bundesliga' twice in 2014 and 2015. Online he managed to reach the weekly and monthly Top100 in the Weekend League numerous times.

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Euclides Cohen

Awesome tut! Should be worth to mention that La Croqueta requires a player with at least four star skill moves.


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