How To FIX Defending Of The Bridge!
January 20, 2021


With the recent patch one of the most essential moves in chance creation - the stepovers - got nerfed. Now the attention for a lot of players shifts towards the last resort of remaining OP moves which is the Bridge (learn how to use it here).
This move is part of the Elite Tier meta for quite some time now and already trickled down to Gold and lower. But there is an easy fix how you can increase your chances of successfully defending this move which we present you in this post.

Quick Summary

The issue with the Bridge
  • The Bridge is very hard to defend, because the defender gets slowed down for just a brief moment during the attempt to stop the attacker. 
  • With the defender being glued down to the spot the attacker is able to bypass the defender with no problems and from there be a big threat on goal.
The issue with defending the Bridge: even though I want to move my player to the right (see controller overlay in the bottom right), my player freezes for a brief moment at the spot. 

The solution for the Bridge
  • In order to avoid this slowdown effect on your defender, you have to set the Jockey Assistance to manual
  • Due to the Jockey Assistance your player gets slowed down when you use Jockey Defending (L2/LT) and your opponent uses the Bridge to knock on the ball close to your defender.
  • With the Jockey Assistance on manual this doesn't happen anymore and you can move your defender freely with no slowdown effect.
The Jockey setting causes the issue with defending the Bridge. The assistance slows you down and therefore we recommend to set it to manual in order to be able to defend it much easier.

How to defend the Bridge
  • Besides the changes to the Jockey Assistance proper positioning of you with your defender is still required to defend the Bridge
  • Use Jockey Defending and don't challenge the ball on the feet of your opponent, but move your defender more backwards. That way you stay in front of him and when he uses the Bridge, he knocks on the ball into your defender.
To defend the Bridge, don't try to challenge the ball before the opponent does it. Instead use Jockey Defending (L2/LT) and move your defender backwards. That way you stay in front of him and challenge the ball after the opponent pulled off his move.

Potential downsides
  • The Jockey Assistance has some value as it helps you to avoid running past the opponent when he did a sudden change of direction
  • I played over 100 games with the Jockey Assistance on manual now and don't have much problems with it. At the end you have to decide what you weigh more important. Being able to defend the Bridge better or having the potential advantage of the Jockey Assistance.
This is a potential downside of having Jockey on manual. In this situation I'm going to miss my chance to challenge the ball, because I lacked the required precision with my input. With Jockey on assisted, the assistance would have slowed me down to not miss the opponent.

Helpful videos

About the author:
Benjamin "TaZz" Drexler is creating FIFA tutorial videos since FIFA 12 and started to compete in tournaments at the same time. Among several weekly and monthly Top100 finishes in FUT Champions, he reached the Top8 at the Virtual Bundesliga in 2013/14 and finished in the Top8 in FIFA 17 at the first European Regional Qualifier Event in Paris.

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