Preparing finishes cleanly - setup touch, good shooting angles & correctly timed inputs
March 28, 2021


Throughout the years of FIFA coaching I have often seen players struggle with clean finishing. Mainly the problems seem to lie with preparing the shot with a proper set up touch, having a good shooting angle and doing the button inputs with the correct timing. That's why in this video I am going over the most important aspects when it comes to preparing your finishes correctly. So that next time when you are going for the shot, the odds for it to end up inside the net are on your side!

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About the author:
Georg "CruZzAve" Raffelt is creating educational FIFA content since FIFA 13 around which time he also started his competitive journey in the game. He was able to qualify for the Grand Final of the German National Championship 'Virtuelle Bundesliga' twice in 2014 and 2015. Online he managed to reach the weekly and monthly Top100 in the Weekend League numerous times.

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