Deciding which skill move to use - Try to analyse the defenders and execute skill moves accordingly!
April 14, 2021


In this tutorial, we want to give you an understanding of how to decide which skill move is the best to use. You can know all of the combinations for the skill moves and yet fail using them once you try them out in the wrong positions. There are two things you need to watch out for. The positioning and the angle of your attacker & the positioning and the defensive behavior of the defender. Once you are more comfortable with analyzing both at the same time you will know which skill move to use! There could be hundreds of examples for each skill move but I give you the skill moves I use the most and try to explain in every one of them the reasoning behind it. 

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About the author:
Kaan ''Jedijaster'' Ilhan has been playing FIFA since FIFA 12. He began his competitive journey in Fifa 19 and grinded all the way from being an Elite 3 player to a consistent Top100 player in FUT Champions. He has been coaching for bPartGaming since the start of FIFA 20, which he enjoys by sharing his knowledge of the game with others.

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Angel Puntero

This video is pure gold, can we have a second part with more examples?

We might :)


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