Three Touch Roulette - Shield the ball & get past the opponent!
May 06, 2021


In this quick tutorial, we show you how to use the 4* skill move ''Three Touch Roulette'' efficiently. This is personally my skill move and it is currently too underrated, but as soon as you get used to the idea of using the Three Touch Roulette and add it to your arsenal you will have a strong weapon in terms of covering the ball away from the pressing defenders and create unique goal-scoring opportunities!


About the author:
Kaan ''Jedijaster'' Ilhan has been playing FIFA since FIFA 12. He began his competitive journey in Fifa 19 and grinded all the way from being an Elite 3 player to a consistent Top100 player in FUT Champions. He has been coaching for bPartGaming since the start of FIFA 20, which he enjoys by sharing his knowledge of the game with others.

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