Defender Movement Guide - When to use sprint / jockey / fast jockey
May 29, 2021


Next to defender positioning, defender movement is another crucial factor for success when it comes to stopping the opponents attack and winning the ball back. There are three major options, sprinting (R2/RT), normal jockey (L2/LT) and fast jockey (L2+R2/LT+RT). In this analysis I focus on explaining when I use which movement button and why I do it.

Quick summary

  • use to move into position quickly in order to pressure opponent or cover pass/open space
  • you can surprise opponent and pressure him very quickly by sprinting towards him for a tackle
  • use if you to have correct your positioning in a 1vs1 and you would be too slow with the jockey
  • use in 1vs1 situations for precise movement --> easier to avoid overshooting towards a certain direction compared to fast jockey
  • use to cover a passing option once you are in the passing lane
  • use once you are close to opponent and want to maximize your tackling chances
Fast Jockey
  • use when trying to shadow opponents movement and eventually close him down
  • use to cover passes --> you are still very quick and agile in correcting your positioning
  • use to cover through balls if you already have an advantage on the striker and don't need to fully sprint backwards
About the author:
Georg "CruZzAve" Raffelt is creating educational FIFA content since FIFA 13 around which time he also started his competitive journey in the game. He was able to qualify for the Grand Final of the German National Championship 'Virtuelle Bundesliga' twice in 2014 and 2015. Online he managed to reach the weekly and monthly Top100 in the Weekend League numerous times.

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