FIFA 20 Online Course

Get better by developing playstyle concepts, analyzing your game, structuring your training and more in-depth topics. Elevate your game to the next level!

What You Will Learn

In this online video course the creators of THE GUIDE cover all topics that are essential to reach the next level. From the right mentality and mindset, analyzing your game, concepts of practice, finding your playstyle, strategies on how to approach the Weekend League and warm up as well as choices of equipment and settings. At the end of the course you will understand the game of FIFA on a deeper level than ever before. On top of that you will receive a 10% voucher for our FIFA 20 individual online coaching with Elite and Top 100 players! Check out our three previewable videos to get a taste of the full course.


Since 2018 THE GUIDE is our next-level tutorial approach that addresses everyone from the beginner to the Top100-player. We are a team of FIFA enthusiasts and pro-gamers with the mission to make the FIFA-scene more professional. We have been working towards that target for the last 6+ years now. It has always been our goal to provide valuable content for the community and make players better through videos and individual coaching. With this online course we even want to go one step further by addressing all meta-topics that impact your game immensely. By purchasing this online course you also help us to keep all videos on our YouTube channel FREE.

Feedback On The Online Course

The online course has made FIFA 20 fun again. I’m looking at the game in a different way and it’s helped my results immensely. The defensive section taught me some new tricks to win the ball back and player switch effectively as well as helping me narrow down my defensive style.
I really enjoyed watching the course as it helped me to focus not only on the pure gameplay but also on the attitude how to approach the game and how to get a better mindset that helps me to improve. There is great value to watch the detailed free gameplay tutorials in addition. Both together is real quality content.
Before this course I was in division 7 and now I've moved to division 3. This course gives a holistic picture of FIFA and many things which people don't pay attention to. There are very detailed things covered in this course which are simple at plain sight but extremely important nonetheless. I highly recommend this course.
I recently bought the online course from bPartGaming/THE GUIDE and have enjoyed it a ton! This is my first year competing at a high competitive level, and I can honestly say the sections have guided me quite well in addition to my coaching. It’s a tool that I would refer to if I felt that I was stuck in certain aspects of my game. 
In my opinion, the course is well designed and the points are articulated effectively. It has helped me a lot to identify areas in my game that needed improving and has given me the tools to go about doing so. I would strongly recommend the course, however, as pointed out, the onus is on you the player to take the knowledge presented and putting in the work to reach the next level.
This course is absolutely something I would recommend. It's not a quick fix, but you get the tools you need to work on your game. How to set up a training schedule, how to read the gameplay and how to work on your mentality are just a few of the sections featured. Great stuff from THE GUIDE!

What's included?

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What You Will Learn & Course Structure
7 mins
Develop The Right Mental Attitude
10 mins
Refocus And Analyze During The Match
8 mins
The Importance Of Taking Breaks
8 mins
Playing With Purpose
7 mins
Learn To Read The Opponent
10 mins
Defense - Find Your Playstyle
20 mins
Defense - Questionnaire Find Your Playstyle
41 KB
Defense - Efficiently Learning Player Switches
7 mins
Defense - How To Practice 1vs1 Defending
7 mins
Build Up - Find Your Playstyle
15 mins
Build Up - Questionnaire Find Your Playstyle
42.9 KB
Build Up - Learning How To Play Against High Pressure
9 mins
Offense - Find Your Playstyle
10 mins
Offense - Playing Decisively
7 mins
Offense - Learning New (Skill) Moves
5 mins
The Concepts Of Balancing & Priming
9 mins
The Statistical Approach
5 mins
Using The Match Highlights
7 mins
In-depth Gameplay Breakdown
7 mins
How To Set Goals Correctly
6 mins
Training Partners & Improving Together
9 mins
Setting Up A Training Schedule
6 mins
Equipment & Settings
Optimize Your Equipment
7 mins
Optimize Your Game Settings
6 mins
The Importance Of Warming Up
5 mins
Weekend League Guide
13 mins

Reactions To Our YouTube Videos

By far one of the best tutorials for fifa. Very well analyzed and explained. Everytime I watch your videos I use to win much more games as I stay focused and concentrate on the tactics/tips.
Listen to me...I spend a lot of time researching tutorials just to find tidbits of helpful information. This by far is one of the most helpful breakdowns ever. This type of insight is groundbreaking and is an absolute game changer. Thank you.
Very intelligent and very positive content. This way of thinking Fifa is new to me. Love the way I can progress my own skills now. Thx. Earned a sub from me
Andreas Malten
Saying "this was helpful" would be the understatement of the century. lol. This is amazing bro. Thanks.
kelechi ukeje
This is by far the best analysis of fifa I have ever seen.
In my opinion one of the best tutorials. I never seen something like this before and I now understand a lot of my mistakes.
Be chillin
I am so happy and satisfied that somebody finally was able to break down the game like this. I was looking for a smart analysis of how the game works. Factors affecting the input and output of the game. And The Guide is finally here. Because at the end, its a video game, correct and well timed input = desireable output. I never subscribe to any FIFA tutorial channels because they all don't teach game concepts. They teach trash. By far the easiest sub I have ever made.
Ahmed Samir


For whom is this course suitable?

In general the course is suitable for everybody who has already some ingame experience with the game and is interested in improving his game. To get the most out of the content you should bring motivation to actively engage with the way how you play the game and how you can optimize your results. If you just started to play the game, you should focus on playing the game first and checkout our basic tutorial videos on YouTube

How does this course help me?

The course teaches you how you can improve your game and skill on your own. This is especially helpful for players that have the feeling that they stagnate, because the course delivers you the tools on a lot of different aspects that help you to develop your skill on your own.

How is this course different to the tutorial videos on THE GUIDE or any other YouTube channel?

The online course is the next layer to the content on our YouTube channel. In our YouTube tutorials you learn specific techniques and concepts and in the online course you learn how to get the most out of these techniques. For example how to train it, how to implement it in your game or analysing its success. The online course covers also the surroundings of your game in terms of equipment or mental attitude.

Do I have to pay for this course one time or is it a monthly payment?

This is a one-time payment. You pay for the course one-time and have full Access to all videos.

How can I pay for this course?

You can either pay with a Credit Card or PayPal.

I have problems paying for this course with my credit card. What can I do?

Please check all your details and that you have enough credit. If you still encounter problems, we would have to refer you to Podia which is the service provider that we use to host the online course as well as handling the payments. You can still pay with PayPal. If you don't find a solution, please contact us with the implemented message function on this site.

How do I use my coupon?

Before you select the payment method there is the text "Have a coupon?" in gray. Click on this text and you can then enter your coupon code.

How long are the videos of the course available?

We guarantee that the videos are available until at least the release of FIFA 21 on PS4 and Xbox One.